Updated: Dec 6, 2019

"The Ladies of Holderness" was one of my favorite books as a teenager. It was a mass-market paperback I found on the bookshelf at home. The front cover had cracks, but the yellow pages underneath were crisp and unread.

In recent years, I've searched the Web for a copy of the book or the author's website... to no avail.

That changed last week.

According to his Smashwords profile, Dennis Fowler released a Y.A. novel at the beginning of the year. He's also written other genres under different pen names.

There weren't, however, copies of his horror novel on (nor, which I overlooked). But there were three available on Amazon.

I ordered one right then and there.

I received The Ladies of Holderness several days ago, over Labor Day Weekend. As a teenager, I didn't realize how small the novel (novella) was. Otherwise, it looks the same -- cracked cover, yellow pages, and all!

Danae Woods is an American author of contemporary fiction. "A Room for Dogs," to be released in 2020, is her debut novel. Follow her on and

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